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Sample | Wonderflex | White

Wonderflex(R) Sample Sheet

Wonderflex(R) Sample Sheet 10" x 13" (~25 cm x 33 cm)
Standard 1 mm thickness (0.039")

One side with SMOOTH construction for better coating or painting.

An oven, microwave, hot air gun, or even hot water can be used for activation. Wonderflex(R) has a low activation temperature of 150°-170° F (70° – 80° C), and can be hand-worked or laid for up to two or three minutes. Works very well with, or without, molds and can be cut with either a utility knife or nice pair of scissors. It bonds to itself well and can be adhered to most porous materials like paper, wood, fabric, and foams.

Can be easily painted or decorated with a variety of coatings, gessos, bondo, and paint. Incredible strength and flexibility, yet lightweight. Useful for headpieces, ornamental effects, scenic materials, masks, props - you name it.


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