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Plastazote® LD45

Compared to EVA 38, Plastazote LD45 is a little different. This white foam is semi-transparent in order to diffuse LED lighting (Which is why it's sometimes known as "LED Foam"). Utilizing this material will help make your creations light and still include that awesome pizzazz. We offer it in 4mm, 6mm and 8 mm thickness's. You can currently order it in 20"x 20" sheet sizes.

As is with the EVA 38, we have partnered with Coscom Cosplay Supply to bring this awesome product to the Midwest!

***PLEASE NOTE: If you have purchased from me in the past, you might have noticed an increase in the shipping price. Due to this rise in postage, we increased our shipping prices to reflect as such.
We now have a special where you get free shipping with orders over $75!***

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