Welcome and Hello

Welcome and Hello!

January 18, 2017

First of all, I'd like to say Thank You!  I appreciate you coming to see what kinds of products I have available to offer, and any helpful resource guides I'll be posting in the future.


Some things I'd like to let you all know:

  • We will be working on building our inventory within the coming months.  If there are specific products that you would like us to try and carry, please let us know through our Contact Us! page.


  • For those of you that live in the Green Bay area - or are willing to drive to the Green Bay area - rather than paying for shipping, you will have the option to select "Pick up in Person" at the check out for all of our products.  We are currently working on a location to use for this feature, so until then, the place will be determined through email communications (so make sure you give us your email when checking out!)


  • In the near future there will be a monthly e-newsletter you can sign up for.  We promise we won't spam your inboxes - it'll be utilized to highlight any new products, blog posts, or info on conventions we may be attending!


  • We will be working on putting together a bunch of fun tutorials and how-to blog posts, as well as valuable resource guides.


  • We are also working on some mechanics to do a craft party.  Think like Pure Romance, Avon, PartyLite, or others.  But without the pyramid scheme.  Just a guided craft party with tutorials or a class on whatever you want (planned in advanced) ranging from leatherworking, to thermoplastic, to chainmaille.  Again, more info on this once we figure out the details.


I think that's about all for now.  Stay tuned for more info! :)